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Allison handcuffed in the park

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LAPD cop Onyx wrestles and loses

Officer Onyx comes to Kristiana’s house with a warrant for her arrest. Little does she know that Kristiana is a pro wrestler. Kristiana is not going to cooperate and a long power struggle begins. Tall and strong Kristiana eventually overpowers LAPD officer Onyx and manages to lock her into her own handcuffs before grabbing the […]

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Judy struggling in Posey straitjacket

Cuty Judy At, cute girl Judy is trying very hard to escape her Posey straitjacket. Looking at her futile attempts is soo much fun!

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Missy in leg irons

New update at the gorgeous Missy cuffs her own ankles in police grade leg irons. Hot!!

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Alecia in elbow traps and wrist cage

Alecia is back at! She’s more stunning than ever, so we just had to do something special this week. Alecia thought so too, by the way. We locked her into the wrist cage for some really elegant shots. Although inescapable, Alecia was not impressed yet. That quickly changed when we showed her our  new […]

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Shannah can’t move

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Prison girl Kimberly cuffed by Amy

Kimberly really looks up to Amy It’s blonde versus blonde in this prison girl update! Warden Amy puts poor Kimberly in a prison belt, loops a pair of handcuffs through the belt and closes the cuffs on Kimberly’s wrists. Amy does not forget the all important leg irons, before she quickly leaves cute Kimberly alone […]

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Gwendolyn in Posey straitjacket and leg irons

Stunning Gwendolyn in a Posey Stunning beauties don’t let themselves get straitjacketed, since they can get plenty of ‘normal’ photo shoots. But somehow, seems to be able to get regular fashion models into straitjackets. And more importantly, these hot girls never seem to be able to get themselves OUT of straitjackets. A pair of leg irons […]

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Asian Angel and Tess in heavy Clejuso cuffs

Heavy handcuffs on pretty ankles New girls Asian Angel and Tess are cuffed in very heavy Clejuso handcuffs. Their ankles, that is!! This great and devious update on shows the girls cuffing each other’s ankles, leaving them only a few centimeters of shuffle movement. Their beautiful ankles and classic high heels are a great […]

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Maria in 8 pairs of Deutsche Polizei / LIPS handcuffs

3 kilograms of metal on beautiful wrists We have a lot of German visitors on, and they are always nice and very supportive. So we would like to do something back for them. How about a real German model! Maria is from Germany and she just loves to be cuffed. And what about the […]

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Ailish is fiddled

Beautiful Ailish was fiddled for an afternoon to shoot for She got really used to being in the Rigid Fiddle model ‘8’. The picture set is a must see, Ailish is very much at ease and very comfortable in her metal predicament. It’s almost as if she has been fiddled all her life! We […]

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Flight attendant Lilly demonstrates

A pair of Speedcuffs is standard equipment on board Lilly’s aircraft. She says she and her fellow flight attendants have been fully trained in the use of these handcuffs. We ask her to show us her skills and Lilly is happy to demonstrate. She shows us all the positions she knows to restrain unruly passengers. […]

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Chrissy in Posey straitjacket and leg irons

Chrissy does not like her predicament Poor Chrissy is restrained in a genuine  institutional Posey straitjacket, and if that isn’t enough, some evil warden has also cuffed her ankles to the jacket’s crotch strap! Is this how they treat girls at As a matter of fact it is! And we like it! Chrissy struggles […]

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Samantha in toe cuffs

Samantha in toe cuffs Toe cuffs are evil!! Samantha finds out toe cuffs are more vicious than they appear. The cute little cuffs can render a girl completely helpless if she does not have a key. Samantha can’t walk at all, her bare big toes are tightly cuffed together in today’s update!

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Cathy in juvenile handcuffs

There’s one pair of cuffs in our collection that matches the goal of best: the American Handcuff Company JN-105 ‘juvenile handcuffs’. As Yossie mentions: ‘Intended for use on children and teenagers. The cuff body is a standard one while the bow is far thicker to leave less opening for smaller wrists.’ Our models are not children, but […]

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A walk in the forest

Adinda, where are you going? Adinda is outside, taking a walk in the great outdoors. The only problem is: she’s cuffed in hinged handcuffs behind her back, and leg irons restrain her stride. Cheerful Adinda doesn’t care, she loves being in cuffs, trying to run through a forest, searching for people to pass innocently, like […]

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Army girl Marieke in lots of handcuffs

Marieke slowly cuffs herself. She is a bit unsure how to apply 6 pairs of handcuffs to her own wrists. Struggling to lock them all on her wrists, she finally manages to get herself cuffed and feel the weight on her wrists. She rattles the cuffs and tests their strength. Marieke really loves the feel […]

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Sammie and Floor having lots of fun

Lol! Sammie is in handcuffs and legirons, but that does not stop her from putting her close friend Floor in a Posey straightjacket. The girls play around, teasing each other, pulling and tugging, even kissing. Then they try to find a way to get out. So straightjacketed Floor tries to figure out how to use […]

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Kristel in leather cuffs

Today, Kristel is locked in leather ankle cuffs over at!

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Renee in Irish 8 cuffs

New girl Renee came to for some modelling experience. She hadn’t really given the cuffs much thought, focussing entirely on the modelling. So when we snapped the KB-126 shut on her wrists, she was a bit unsure of what to do. About 30 seconds later she was laughing, experimenting, and challenging us. We locked her […]

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