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Gloves make it harder for WPC Naomi

Shit… Unlocking your own handcuffs in the ‘stacked wrists’ position is easy, there’s always a keyhole on the right side. Naomi complained that the key is very small and hard to handle with gloves on. So we had an idea: we challenged Naomi to unlock her handcuffs (both keyholes facing away from her) without taking […]

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Shenenne helpless in chain bondage

Hmmmmpffff! At, still in her custom made steel collar, waist band, and cuffs, Shenenne is gagged and restrained in a tight chain bondage.    Her wrists are crossed behind her back and padlocked to two special loops on the back of her waist band. Helpless!!!

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Dunya in a Posey straitjacket

Fun in a Posey! ‘I could be in this thing all day!’, happy Dunya exclaims when she notices how comfortable a Posey straitjacket really is. Well, that might just be the case… hehe.. The people at took some extra time for the photo shoot, making sure the frustration of being restrained eventually caught up […]

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Farah in hinged handcuffs

Farah’s ankles are cuffed in massive hinged handcuffs, she’s not going anywhere soon, so you can take your time and admire this great picture set at!

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Chantal in waist chain

Chantal is a beautiful model and a very sweet girl. You would never expect she could struggle so hard. When she is handcuffed, she tries and tries to get out of them. She just keeps trying, even if marks appear on her wrists from her futile struggles. Cuffing her in the S&W model 94 handcuffs […]

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Claire in big heavy Clejuso handcuffs

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Free pictures!

Segufix suspension at Check out these new samples of a very nice Segufix suspension here! Very funny and inventive, this girl is completely helpless, and enjoying every minute of it!

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New positions for prison girl Annika

Annika in full prisoner chains Prison girl Annika is used to walking around shackled and handcuffed. Even so, she’s very surprised to learn that there’s more than one way to cuff a prisoner. We show her a sitting position, cuff her wrists behind her back, and we even show her a hogcuff. You can see […]

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