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The famous Gina topless

Yes, it’s the wonderful bondage girl Gina from! Gina may be the cutest bondage veteran around! However, she has never been in a RigidStock (she does own a custom size RigidFiddle though). Can this little bondage expert escape this device?

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Great straitjacket struggling video

Insane footage! Check out this insane footage at! Blonde hair, blue eyes, Shennene is the perfect asylum girl. She struggles in her Posey straitjacket, but there’s no way out… no way at all..

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Judy in darby style ankle cuffs

Soooo elegant! At, young Judy cuffs herself in darby style leg irons. Her ankles are completely and inescapably encased in the lovely metal of the leg irons. If you love heels, ankles and elegant cuffs, so should really check out this great picture set!

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Davon in 3 pairs of LIPS

Yeehaaaw Asian supermodel Davon is a tiny girl. She has very thin wrists, elbows, and ankles. Normally that would be good thing if you want to escape handcuffs, but when you come to, you know that having a slender body means being put into positions the other models just can’t do. Like three pairs […]

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Pink dress and boots

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Prison girl Ailish moved to high security

Remember our British prison girl Ailish (CIU040)? She almost succeeded in undoing her leather prisoner transport belt. So we had to move her to a high security division. New uniform, new restraints. A heavy belly chain is padlocked to her handcuffs which are secured by a bluebox. A connector chain links her hands to her […]

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Nipple clamps for Natalie

 Super pet slave Natalie is told to clamp her own nipples. She is then elbow cuffed and handcuffed with 3 pairs of handcuffs. A very heavy chain leash makes Natalie pay attention to our camera. But Natalie is a feisty slave girl, she almost escapes, believe it or not!

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Emmely spreadeagled

A creative use Poor Emmely is cuffed in huge Humane restraints and chained to the ceiling spreadeagled. Is this how they treat girls in the GirlAsylum? Let’s hope so :)

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Damelsa in medical restraints

Cute and helpless Damelsa doesn’t look very happy in her medical restraints. Well, restraints aren’t supposed to make you happy… These big brown leather straps are locked onto her ankles with sturdy padlocks, no way to get them off. That can get a little frustrating, which is what we like :)

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Sammie in pink!

Get ready for some crazy fun! Okay, this might hurt your eyes a little… There can be no doubt that Sammie is back, wearing a very pink fishnet thingie! Only Sammie would show up wearing something like that :-) We had a great time doing some wrists crossed modelling using the great Yuil M-03 handcuffs, […]

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The Twins in neck cuffs

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Secretary Damelsa in cuffs

Secretary in handcuffs Confident and strictly business. That’s Damelsa, the new CIU office secretary. But, as soon as we give her a pair of handcuffs, curiosity gets to her. She puts them on her wrists (keyholes facing the wrong way of course, not even noticing the error). She then cuffs her ankles. Her high heels […]

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Indy and some long chains

Spread ’em, Indy! Raven haired Indy is used to being chained. She is manacled and collared, long chains attached to her neck and wrists. She obediently opens her mouth to be ballgagged and moves back and forth as her chain leash is tugged, moaning softly. Indy just loves her chains!!

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Shiny pants are made for cuffing

Shiny! Or maybe not… anyway, ankles always look better in cuffs, so we cuffed young blonde Samantha using hinged handcuffs. This stops her from running around so we can look at her feet and shiny pants ;)

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Can Tessa escape a Posey?

Find out in this video! Can Stella escape a Posey straitjacket? She is not giving up! Stella is a fighter. She tries and tries and tries… one hand is out… sort of… But can she free herself? Find out in this week’s update at!

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Prisoner transport belt fun

Claire just LOVES cuffs Claire is so much fun to work with! She has a very wide range of expressions, from very angry to plain silly, and she absolutely loves handcuffs! A challenge to model with limited mobility, as she calls it. We are (of course) glad to assist her, cuffing her wrists to her […]

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Elbow and wrist Irish 8!

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Airforce girl Dunya in thumbcuffs

Thumbcuffs are evil! So what’s the worst thing that can happen if you are facing the challenge of unlocking your waist chain, handcuffs and legirons? There’s always someone who thinks it’s funny to add just one more thing. Thumbcuffs, keyholes facing the wrong way. Dunya is not amused, but still she tries. How hard can […]

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Exclusive MSP set for

Ashley meets pillory Metal bondage veteran producer MSP sent us an exclusive update for our website. He built a locking steel pillory and poor Ashley gets to try it out. The snap shut locking mechanism and the strategic placement of leg irons make this a very uncomfortable position for Ashley!

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Mocca in Segufix restraints

Strapped tight. Very cute little Mocca is strapped to a chair using Segufix medical restraints. Her wrists are strapped so tight she can’t even move them an inch. Her ankles are strapped to the chair legs and the Segufix thigh bands make sure she stays firmly in place. An additional waist strap wasn’t really necessary, […]

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