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Pink hinged ASP handcuffs

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Prison girl Rose in full restraint set

Rattling Rose Rattling Rose, we call her. She is restrained in leg irons, a waist chain, handcuffs and a connector chain. The heavy padlocks hit the floor as she tries to sit down. We cuff her hands behind her back to make her escape even more unlikely and we throw her the keys. Her long […]

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Natalie muzzled and piped

Unique metal bondage Natalie is here to show you our latest piece of metal bondage gear: a locking metal collar with integrated muzzle. The muzzle is custom made to fit our bondage models and it can be tightened (pushed back) so it always fits the model’s face perfectly. The collar is a tight posture collar […]

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Davon Kim straitjacketed in a hotel room

Mental note: see this video! Check out this great update at! How did they get Asian top model Davon Kim to pose in a straitjacket? Well, they did…

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Sisters in leg irons

Elegant high heeled siblings Lovely sisters Carolien and Ingrid apply leg irons to each other in this great update! Very elegant, very classy. Restraints for real feet, pantyhose and heel lovers.

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Sammie and Floor in LOTS of cuffs!

Where do we start? It’s the experiment again! This time we invited the insane duo Sammie and Floor. It goes like this: the girls are given a large variety of cuffs (handcuffs, thumbcuffs, neck cuffs, ankle cuffs, chains, and padlocks). And then we basically tell them to apply of those cuffs to themselves and […]

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Another top model cuffed

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Uh oh, army girl Selin in trouble

Oooops, wrong way round The cutest recruit ever has found herself a pair of handcuffs. These are different from any she has ever seen, there is no chain! Without thinking, Selin locks the handcuffs on her wrists. After all, she does have the key, so unlocking them shouldn’t be a problem. Or is it… Watch […]

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Introducing pet slave Romy

Steel slave training Sweet pet slave Romy is metal bound for the first time in her life. It takes a while for her to get used to the weight of the chains. She will spend a few hours in these incredible metal restraints, so she will have to get comfortable with them. Let’s see if […]

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Gina fiddled in the forest

Romantic lighting and trusty fiddle People seem to like having me locked into my small custom made fiddle. I hate AND love the fiddle, does that make sense? I guess not. Anyway, I went to the forest to do a fiddle tribute update, with romantic lighting and a video for all those who love to […]

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Farah in red leather armbinder

Nope, can’t get out. Plus struggling video at! Very good!

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Evita in Humane restraints

Long legs cuffed! Beautiful Evita has her long legs cuffed in Humane restraints. There is a long chain attached, so there is no reason to let her out anytime soon, because she will be able to go about her normal business with these on… it will just rattle a bit…

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Maxine in 3 pairs of LIPS handcuffs

Maxine triple cuffed Sometimes we are almost afraid to let the model out of her handcuffs. Dutch national ladies boxing champion and former kick boxer Maxine is the tallest model ever on at 1.85 meters (6’1″) tall… So it’s probably a good thing she handcuffed with our favorite trusty LIPS handcuffs. Maxine turned out […]

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Asian top model in hinged cuffs

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England vs The Netherlands

Who will win? Politieagente Kimberly and WPC Amy meet each other at an international police convention. They check out each other’s handcuffs. It seems both national police forces use very different cuffs. After some testing and cuffing procedures, Kimberly says she can escape her Dutch cuffs faster than Amy can escape her speedcuffs. They decide […]

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Shenenne in RigidFiddle model ‘oo’

A few hours in this thing?? Sometimes, metal bondage can be so simple. The RigidFiddle model ‘oo’ is a brilliant piece of engineering. To be stuck in one doesn´t seem to be very harsh, but as Shenenne finds out: it is very frustrating to be locked in this device for a couple of hours! Especially […]

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Tight straitjackets are fun

Laugh al you want… So much fun! A tight canvas straitjacket holds Sandra’s arms firmly in place. Still, she struggles and pulls without giving up. She is a fighter, and apparently she loves being restricted, because she is smiling and laughing all the way! Will she still be smiling after trying for about 1 hour? […]

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Selin’s ankles in handcuffs

Pretty ankles in cold hard metal Put on your red shoes! And dance! … Actually forget the dancing part, we don’t think that is going to work with these heavy duty police issue handcuffs on your ankles! Check out lovely Turkish girl Selin in hobbled trouble at!

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Sky in Smith&Wesson’s combination

Raven haired corseted girl The beautiful miss Sky is back to grace our website with her classic looks! She wears a tight black corset over her dress, and we just thought some metal would look great with this outfit. How about a simple Smith & Wesson’s combination of handcuffs and leg irons, link together by […]

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Cierra in handcuffs!

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