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Felicia in Irish 8 leg irons

Booted legs held close together At, Felicia cuffs herself into a pair of Irish 8 leg irons OVER her boots! That’s so elegant and yet solid looking! Great update!

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Cuffed in the snow!

There’s snow in Holland! It’s the first opportunity for me (ever) to be handcuffed in the snow! So let’s go outside and take a nice walk! I love snow, everything looks so different outside. My wrists are tightly cuffed in my Smith & Wesson’s, let’s hope they won’t rust :)

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Keanna and her white hoodie

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Anahi cuffed in the cold

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Samantha in leg irons

Leg irons are so elegant! Meanwhile, Anna Kournikova look-a-like Samantha in leg ironed and playing around at! Nice!

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Adinda scared and shy

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LAPD officer Berlin in tight handcuffs

Now that’s tight Someone has locked LAPD veteran officer Berlin in her own handcuffs. It was a guy named Ed, she claims. Now she is begging you to release her, because he put the cuffs on really tight. Stuck without the keys, Berlin tries to break the cuffs using her strength. She puts a lot […]

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Playground bondage

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Valery stops traffic in LA

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Sandra in toe cuffs

Cuffed toes! Sandra in toe cuffs! What more is there to say, get the picture set now at!

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Chantelle cuffed and collared

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Bailey cuffed at the old bunker

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Marieke in leg irons

Marieke in leg irons Cute Marieke is playing with leg irons today at! She cuffs herself and tests the strength of the ankle cuffs. She is not getting out without a key! Wonderful picture set of this new CuffedFeet model!

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Anne waist chained and shackled

Shackled in the forest Today, at, lovely redhead Anne is walking through a forest in a tight waist chain and legirons. She hides playfully behind trees, not able to move her wrists at all. Let’s hope she doesn’t stumble, that could be very dangerous!

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Chrissy in toe cuffs

Lovey Chrissy is in toe cuffs today at! She cuffs her big toes are cuffed together and finds out it’s not easy to move around like that! Check it out!

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Speedcuffs for Fannie

Cute and fragile Today, features a great spring update with Fannie in speedcuffs. The cuffs are very tight on her wrists, and they should be, because Fannie is so slender she would slip out if the cuffs weren’t tight enough. The picture set shows Fannie cuffed in the park, handcuffed to an arch, cuffed in […]

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