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Schoolgirl Sanne’s wrists tightly cuffed

Tight handcuffs! Sanne’s wrists only just fit into the Irish 8 restraints! It’s very hard to move with your wrist so tightly cuffed, so tight that she can’t even move her elbows apart. Sanne looks great in her pink schoolgirl uniform, black heels and darby style leg irons! She has never been cuffed in these […]

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Christina’s first challenge

A chastity belt and rigidfiddle! Meanwhile, we have fitted our gorgeous pale skinned pet slave Christina with a chastity belt. She looks stunning! Let’s give her a little assignment, like escaping from a RigidFiddle model ‘oo’. Amazingly, Christina takes this challenge very serious, she keeps trying and trying. She is beautiful to watch, gracefully and […]

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Farah in red leather armbinder

Nope, can’t get out. Plus struggling video at! Very good!

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Farah in hinged handcuffs

Farah’s ankles are cuffed in massive hinged handcuffs, she’s not going anywhere soon, so you can take your time and admire this great picture set at!

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Maaike in waist chain and neck cuff

Maaike in neck cuff Brown eyes, blonde hair, sweet smile, long legs… Yes, she is back! Maaike returns to to fulfill a member’s request: ‘I think Maaike would look super hot in a neck cuff…’ Hmm, let’s see. It turns out this member was right! The cuff looks like it’s made for her. A […]

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Prison girl Kimberly cuffed by Amy

Kimberly really looks up to Amy It’s blonde versus blonde in this prison girl update! Warden Amy puts poor Kimberly in a prison belt, loops a pair of handcuffs through the belt and closes the cuffs on Kimberly’s wrists. Amy does not forget the all important leg irons, before she quickly leaves cute Kimberly alone […]

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