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Romy is belted in a RigidStock

Hmmpf… stupid stock… We belted Romy!! And she didn’t like it! She started testing the chastity belt with her bare hands, so we had to keep her hands up and away from it. A RigidStock was an effective solution. Notice how the RigidStock fits Romy perfectly. No extra space at the wrists or neck! And […]

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Christina’s first challenge

A chastity belt and rigidfiddle! Meanwhile, we have fitted our gorgeous pale skinned pet slave Christina with a chastity belt. She looks stunning! Let’s give her a little assignment, like escaping from a RigidFiddle model ‘oo’. Amazingly, Christina takes this challenge very serious, she keeps trying and trying. She is beautiful to watch, gracefully and […]

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The famous Gina topless

Yes, it’s the wonderful bondage girl Gina from! Gina may be the cutest bondage veteran around! However, she has never been in a RigidStock (she does own a custom size RigidFiddle though). Can this little bondage expert escape this device?

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Indy and some long chains

Spread ’em, Indy! Raven haired Indy is used to being chained. She is manacled and collared, long chains attached to her neck and wrists. She obediently opens her mouth to be ballgagged and moves back and forth as her chain leash is tugged, moaning softly. Indy just loves her chains!!

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Exclusive MSP set for

Ashley meets pillory Metal bondage veteran producer MSP sent us an exclusive update for our website. He built a locking steel pillory and poor Ashley gets to try it out. The snap shut locking mechanism and the strategic placement of leg irons make this a very uncomfortable position for Ashley!

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Carly teasing Lex and Kim in metal stocks

Carly teasing Lex and Kim in metal stocks At, Carly has managed to lock Lex and Kim in metal RigidStocks.  The topless girls seem to have loads of fun playing and teasing. The picture set shows Lex and Kim locked in very heavy RigidStocks. In the video, Carly takes advantage of the situation by playing with Kim, gagging and […]

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