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Video diary: Lips handcuffs

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Cuffed in the snow!

There’s snow in Holland! It’s the first opportunity for me (ever) to be handcuffed in the snow! So let’s go outside and take a nice walk! I love snow, everything looks so different outside. My wrists are tightly cuffed in my Smith & Wesson’s, let’s hope they won’t rust :)

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Speedcuff tricks

I will show you some of the simplest speedcuffs escape tricks you can do at home :) 1. lock the speedcuffs in front, keyholes facing towards your hands (easy!) 2. try that again, with your hands around a chair or pole (easy!) 3. lock them on your ankles (easy!) 4. cuff your wrists behind your […]

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Video diary: VOPO handcuffs

Let me show you VOPO cuffs Happy New Year!! As I am getting lots of positive feedback about my diary videos, I will continue to show you more cuffs from my collection. The only problem is that I will run out soon… :-) This time I will show you my high security VOPO handcuffs from […]

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The card game

My friend Leley came over and – as usual – I tried to challenge her to some handcuff escapes. Don’t worry, she’s used to my obsessions ;) Instead, she proposed to play a card game, the winner could use cuffs on the loser any way she liked. And believe it or not, I’m usually very […]

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Bored, watching TV

Now I will try to show you an average night with me being bored, watching TV. I always have handcuffs nearby, so usually I start playing with them, practising my escapes as I watch TV. Watch me escape hinged Hiatss cuffs in front, behind the back and even behind the back with the keyholes facing […]

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Video diary: Smith & Wessons model 94

This week I will demonstrate the Smith & Wessons model 94 handcuffs! I’m really proud to own them, since I haven’t seen them anywhere. Maybe they are rare! They have a totally different lock and key. The lock and key are round, which makes it impossible to escape them without the key, and I really […]

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Behind the back!

Okay, okay, okay!! You emailed and commented a lot about last week’s rollerblading update! You want to see me cuffed behind my back. No problem, in this update I lock myself in ankle cuffs and handcuff myself behind my back. Then I go for a walk in the beautiful Dutch landscape :) I also show […]

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Cuffgirl explaining thumbcuffs

I plan on posting regular video diaries to show you my collection of handcuffs. I will start with my cute little Cake handcuffs! These cuffs are for your thumbs, not for your hands (duh). I will show putting them on and getting them off again (not as easy as it sounds). And I will tell […]

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Escaping the Hiatts 2050 hinged handcuffs

Tadaaaa, the Hiatts 2050! Today I will show you how I can escape my Hiatts 2050 handcuffs when I accidentally *grin* put them on with the keyholes facing away from my hands. A useful skill, especially when there is no one there to help you. In the video clip, I will also show you how […]

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