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Doing the dishes

Dishes in cuffs Washing up is boring, so I usually wear handcuffs to make it a little more interesting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really help, it’s still boring :-) I want to show you how I do it anyway, here’s me doing the dishes in my Smith & Wesson’s model 103, which I should remember to […]

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Video diary: Lips handcuffs

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Cuffed in the snow!

There’s snow in Holland! It’s the first opportunity for me (ever) to be handcuffed in the snow! So let’s go outside and take a nice walk! I love snow, everything looks so different outside. My wrists are tightly cuffed in my Smith & Wesson’s, let’s hope they won’t rust :)

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Speedcuff tricks

I will show you some of the simplest speedcuffs escape tricks you can do at home :) 1. lock the speedcuffs in front, keyholes facing towards your hands (easy!) 2. try that again, with your hands around a chair or pole (easy!) 3. lock them on your ankles (easy!) 4. cuff your wrists behind your […]

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Video diary: VOPO handcuffs

Let me show you VOPO cuffs Happy New Year!! As I am getting lots of positive feedback about my diary videos, I will continue to show you more cuffs from my collection. The only problem is that I will run out soon… :-) This time I will show you my high security VOPO handcuffs from […]

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The card game

My friend Leley came over and – as usual – I tried to challenge her to some handcuff escapes. Don’t worry, she’s used to my obsessions ;) Instead, she proposed to play a card game, the winner could use cuffs on the loser any way she liked. And believe it or not, I’m usually very […]

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Bored, watching TV

Now I will try to show you an average night with me being bored, watching TV. I always have handcuffs nearby, so usually I start playing with them, practising my escapes as I watch TV. Watch me escape hinged Hiatss cuffs in front, behind the back and even behind the back with the keyholes facing […]

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Escaping the Hiatts 2050 hinged handcuffs

Tadaaaa, the Hiatts 2050! Today I will show you how I can escape my Hiatts 2050 handcuffs when I accidentally *grin* put them on with the keyholes facing away from my hands. A useful skill, especially when there is no one there to help you. In the video clip, I will also show you how […]

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Chrissy in toe cuffs

Lovey Chrissy is in toe cuffs today at! She cuffs her big toes are cuffed together and finds out it’s not easy to move around like that! Check it out!

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