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Tight straitjackets are fun

Laugh al you want… So much fun! A tight canvas straitjacket holds Sandra’s arms firmly in place. Still, she struggles and pulls without giving up. She is a fighter, and apparently she loves being restricted, because she is smiling and laughing all the way! Will she still be smiling after trying for about 1 hour? […]

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Cierra in handcuffs!

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Chantal in waist chain

Chantal is a beautiful model and a very sweet girl. You would never expect she could struggle so hard. When she is handcuffed, she tries and tries to get out of them. She just keeps trying, even if marks appear on her wrists from her futile struggles. Cuffing her in the S&W model 94 handcuffs […]

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Sammie and Floor having lots of fun

Lol! Sammie is in handcuffs and legirons, but that does not stop her from putting her close friend Floor in a Posey straightjacket. The girls play around, teasing each other, pulling and tugging, even kissing. Then they try to find a way to get out. So straightjacketed Floor tries to figure out how to use […]

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