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Shenenne continues her training

Can you stop me from touching you? Our beautiful blond pet slave Shenenne has agreed to take her metal bondage training one step further… again. This time we will make sure she can not move at all. Her harness ball gag is attached to her solid steel waist band. Her collar, wrist cuffs and ankle […]

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Deborah in heavy shackles

This is how all slaves start learning It may all have been a bit much for Deborah. The heavy collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs. The heavy chain, attached to her collar like a leash. The spreader bars between her wrists and ankles. For someone who has never done or seen metal bondage, Deborah did […]

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Sjudith and Felicia in 3 pairs of LIPS handcuffs

Cuffed friends Sjudith has been modelling for us for over 3 years. Recently, she called us and asked if she could bring a friend to shoot some pictures in our handcuffs. Felicia had apparently liked Sjudith’s previous pictures so much that she had to get in on the action! We like girls who want to […]

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Indy gets frustrated

Indy is a busy girl! Apparently there is something very annoying about being chained to the ceiling in ballet boots while ballgagged :-) But the most frustrating thing has to be that wrist spreader with a fixed welded bar! Indy does not seem to like it, as she moans and growls to the camera. We […]

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Indy in leg irons

Hot!! Indy in hot lingerie, high heels, and stockings at! A pair of ankle cuffs really complete the set! Great pictures :)

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More metal than girl

Heavy stuff! Poor Faye, her beautiful shiny restraints have been attached to a rather crude construction of steel pipes! The combined weight is almost more than Faye’s own weight and she struggles to even lift her contraption. Getting comfortable is impossible, even lying down! This is metal bondage! Frustating heavy steel bondage on beautiful girls! […]

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Judy in darby style ankle cuffs

Soooo elegant! At, young Judy cuffs herself in darby style leg irons. Her ankles are completely and inescapably encased in the lovely metal of the leg irons. If you love heels, ankles and elegant cuffs, so should really check out this great picture set!

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Pet slave Davon Kim

Davon, a perfect metal slave girl This week’s update shows on-screen applying of Davon Kim’s heavy metal collar and her wrist cuffs. She then padlocks her collar to a very heavy chain connected to the bed and she is tightly gagged with her favorite color gag. One pet slave, ready for your pleasure!

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Judy in Deutsche Polizei handcuffs

At, Judy is cuffing herself with a pair of Deutsche Polizei handcuffs. These cuffs fit her ankles nicely, and Judy is completely focussed on moving around in them. She won’t move very fast of course, but that’s exactly what we like. Beautiful feet in unforgiving metal!

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Pet slave Shenenne in steel

Pet girl Shenenne in steel Pet slave Shenenne wearing very heavy handmade restraints. There are no locks on her restraints, everything is screwed into place using hex screws. Escape is impossible! Beautiful steel master pieces on her wrists, ankles, waist and her neck. The heavy collar is chained to the radiator.

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Angela in LIPS handcuffs

Give a novice model a pair of handcuffs and tell her to cuff herself. You’d say there is a 50% chance she will put the keyholes on the wrong side. We have found (through extensive research) that the odds are closer to 99%! In this week’s update at, Angela cuffs herself, and then tries […]

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Greek beauty in Yuil handcuffs

Greek beauty Elli is back at for another cuffing. This time we decided to go with the Yuil brand of cuffs. A member requested a shoot with the elongated speedcuffs M-03 and the Yuil M-05 thumbcuffs, wondering if the model would still be able to be thumbcuffed since the wrists are so far apart […]

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Reverse prayer to neck cuff

Michèlle in an amazing neck cuff reverse prayer Michèlle returns to to show us why she is a martial arts world champion. She has perfect balance, and she is incredibly limber, so we can go crazy on the handcuff positions! A reverse prayer attached to the L-600 cuffs around her neck, a wrist-to-neck ball […]

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