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Christina weighed down

You think that’s enough metal? Let’s see… a chastity belt, metal posture collar, 15 pairs of handcuffs, 1 pair of elbow cuffs, 1 pair of thumbcuffs, and 6 pairs of ankle cuffs. That ought to slow Christina down a bit. She has troubles even lifting her arms. With all of this metal locked on to […]

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Michèlle is an escape artist

We have to prevent this Michèlle is probably our best escape artist. She can wriggle her way out of many positions and she is incredibly limber. So when we cuffed her (wrists behind her back) in a pair of Hiatt’s 2050 and Hiatt’s 5000 leg irons, she had her hands in front of her in […]

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Gwen in wrist cage and elbow cuffs

Fashion model wrist caged Beautiful Gwen is back for another round of cuffing! We introduce her to the wrist cage and lock her legs together tightly using a pair of Irish 8 leg irons. Gwen is intrigued by the wrist cage and she tries to wriggle her hands out of it. Her wrists are so […]

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Equestrian girl Mocca is elbow cuffed

Is it possible to get out? Super cute Mocca loves horse riding. So we asked her to bring her horse riding outfit to the studio. After a few pictures, we gave her a pair of speedcuffs. Mocca was very curious about them and she gently locked them on her tiny wrists. Seeing how small her […]

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Davon in 3 pairs of LIPS

Yeehaaaw Asian supermodel Davon is a tiny girl. She has very thin wrists, elbows, and ankles. Normally that would be good thing if you want to escape handcuffs, but when you come to, you know that having a slender body means being put into positions the other models just can’t do. Like three pairs […]

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Jinny loves cuffs

Amish? We’re not allowed to tell you. New models keep surprising us. Jinny is a girl you would never expect to see in cuffs, and you probably will not believe that she likes being cuffed! We started off carefully, a pair of hinged AHC N-500 on her wrists and (for fun) a pair of N-200 […]

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Mayke in a rigid cuffing position

Mayke is back and we are not going to make it easy for her. A few members have suggested a very rigid cuffing for this week’s update, so that is what we are going to do. We can always tell Mayke that it was your idea, not ours :-) Your suggestion was a four-point rigid […]

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Cathy in juvenile handcuffs

There’s one pair of cuffs in our collection that matches the goal of best: the American Handcuff Company JN-105 ‘juvenile handcuffs’. As Yossie mentions: ‘Intended for use on children and teenagers. The cuff body is a standard one while the bow is far thicker to leave less opening for smaller wrists.’ Our models are not children, but […]

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Anahí double cuffed

Anahí double cuffed Today, at, Mexican girl Anahí is cuffed using two pairs of Deutsche Polizei handcuffs. First she is cuffed elbow-to-wrist and later her elbows and wrists are cuffed in front! You have got to see this picture set! Anahí is so funny and great to watch. She would win Mexico’s Next Cuff […]

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