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Politieagente Veronica arrested

Nooooooooo! Dutch cop girl Veronica has spotted Wendy involved in some illegal activities. She walks up to Wendy and tells her she is under arrest. But Wendy isn’t going down easily. Wendy is stronger than Veronica and wrestles the handcuffs from Veronica’s hands. She then proceeds to cuff our poor politieagente and runs. Veronica is […]

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LAPD officer Berlin in tight handcuffs

Now that’s tight Someone has locked LAPD veteran officer Berlin in her own handcuffs. It was a guy named Ed, she claims. Now she is begging you to release her, because he put the cuffs on really tight. Stuck without the keys, Berlin tries to break the cuffs using her strength. She puts a lot […]

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Prison girl Farah belted and shackled

Damn! No key :( Farah is a beautiful little girl from Turkey. Dressed in her orange jumpsuit, she looks at us with her huge eyes, waiting to be handcuffed. She even holds out her hands for the cuffs, although she doesn’t expect the handcuffs to be looped through her belt first. A security measure to […]

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Nora in 3 pairs of LIPS handcuffs

Smile! You’re on! Nora can kill with her smile. And she smiles a lot! But not all the time, as she tends to frown after each time we put her in a new position. It seems like it takes her a while to study her new predicament, and then the smile returns. The LIPS […]

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LAPD cop Onyx wrestles and loses

Officer Onyx comes to Kristiana’s house with a warrant for her arrest. Little does she know that Kristiana is a pro wrestler. Kristiana is not going to cooperate and a long power struggle begins. Tall and strong Kristiana eventually overpowers LAPD officer Onyx and manages to lock her into her own handcuffs before grabbing the […]

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Prison girl Kimberly cuffed by Amy

Kimberly really looks up to Amy It’s blonde versus blonde in this prison girl update! Warden Amy puts poor Kimberly in a prison belt, loops a pair of handcuffs through the belt and closes the cuffs on Kimberly’s wrists. Amy does not forget the all important leg irons, before she quickly leaves cute Kimberly alone […]

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Airforce girl Selin arrested

Airforce girl Selin arrested Cute but dangerous! Airforce girl Selin is arrested and she is going to court. Cuffed in a waist chain, leg irons and two pairs of handcuffs (hinged and chain), she is told to sit down on a chair and wait. But Selin spots something on the floor… it looks like a […]

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