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Janna nipple clamped

They hurt!! Something about Janna Grace makes us want to gag her really tight. First of all, Janna loves when she starts drooling (she really does!), plus it gives her a really angry expression. A nice comfortable RigidStock ensures Janna will not attack anyone. And to make her even more angry, nipple clamps were added, […]

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RigidStock struggle

Get me out of here! Faye wanted to try our RigidStock, and somehow we couldn’t refuse her request. Maybe she didn’t anticipate the gag, but as we gagged her only after she was in the stock, there was nothing she could do to stop the gagging. Well, except for making an obscene gesture :-) Up […]

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Romy is belted in a RigidStock

Hmmpf… stupid stock… We belted Romy!! And she didn’t like it! She started testing the chastity belt with her bare hands, so we had to keep her hands up and away from it. A RigidStock was an effective solution. Notice how the RigidStock fits Romy perfectly. No extra space at the wrists or neck! And […]

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Ailish in RigidStock TL

Kinky dress! We now have a RigidStock TL! But not all models will pose in it… we put it on Ailish anyway, but that was her own fault. She showed up in a latex dress, that’s asking for it :-) So today we present to you: Ailish in a kinky blue dress and RigidStock TL! […]

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Kris in chastity belt and RigidStock

What the hell?! New girl Kris has a rough start on A chastity belt, heavy leg shackles, and a RigidStock. There is not much she can do, but unfortunately Kris doesn’t know that. She thinks she can free herself, and watching her try is so much fun! Sit back and enjoy a nice long […]

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The famous Gina topless

Yes, it’s the wonderful bondage girl Gina from! Gina may be the cutest bondage veteran around! However, she has never been in a RigidStock (she does own a custom size RigidFiddle though). Can this little bondage expert escape this device?

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Indy in RigidStock

Topless and gagged in a RigidStock A RigidStock should be in any metal bondage website’s arsenal. And new girl Indy is the first to experience what it’s like to be locked into one. There is really not much she can do, but she tries, moans, struggles and never gives up! That’s what we like to […]

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