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Bella in isolation (plus video)

Bella in the padded cell Bella is in the padded cell, in a Posey straitjacket!

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WPC Mayke in reverse keyhole trouble

Grrr! Oh dear! Gorgeous officer Mayke seems to be in some kind of trouble. The kind of trouble we love: self cuffing in Speedcuffs, keyholes facing away from the hands! Ok, maybe it’s not too smart, but it’s very nice to watch! WPC Mayke looks stunning in her uniform, and she looks even better in […]

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Giovanna in Humane restraints

Escape challenge Now here’s a Humane restraints escape challenge for Giovanna. Wrists tightly cuffed and strapped to her waist band. Ankles cuffed and strapped to her thighs. No room to move, can’t stand up, all straps locked and she doesn’t even have the key. Impossible, but fun to watch!

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Amy struggling in cuffs

God damn cuffs! British model Amy returns to! And this time she put up quite a struggle! She is tightly cuffed in our American Munitions Company handcuffs and leg irons. The connector chain puzzles Amy for a moment, but then she starts to get out of the cuffs. With her hands behind her back, […]

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Anna in leather armbinder

Let me out!!! At, Anna is very very angry at the people who put her in this horrible red leather armbinder. She struggles and struggles, and yes… she actually escapes by showing a feat of wonderful contortionism! Great video!

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Asian top model Davon Kim in rubber armbinder

Nice ass! Davon Kim in a rubber armbinder. She can squirm and moan and wriggle! Check out the pictures and video at!

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Ailish in a Posey straitjacket

I can’t see the straps! Poor Ailish is restrained in a Posey straitjacket. She tries to figure out how the jacket works, but she can’t see the straps. Her arms wrapped around her body, all she can do is squirm and struggle. Great pictures at!

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Michèlle is an escape artist

We have to prevent this Michèlle is probably our best escape artist. She can wriggle her way out of many positions and she is incredibly limber. So when we cuffed her (wrists behind her back) in a pair of Hiatt’s 2050 and Hiatt’s 5000 leg irons, she had her hands in front of her in […]

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Tight straitjackets are fun

Laugh al you want… So much fun! A tight canvas straitjacket holds Sandra’s arms firmly in place. Still, she struggles and pulls without giving up. She is a fighter, and apparently she loves being restricted, because she is smiling and laughing all the way! Will she still be smiling after trying for about 1 hour? […]

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Selin in a very tight straitjacket

Very tight or too tight? At, poor Selin is strapped into a very very tight canvas straitjacket. Like it was made for her! This wonderful design features many D-rings and a great canvas collar. Manga eyed Selin doesn’t want to give up without a fight, so she really makes an effort to get out. […]

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Juliett is strapped into an armbinder

Meanwhile, at, young Juliett is strapped into an armbinder for the first time ever. The on-screen strapping is very nice to watch, especially since Juliett is happy and teasing the camera, while a pair of female hands is strapping her arms in the well known uncomfortable position.

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Dunya in a Posey straitjacket

Fun in a Posey! ‘I could be in this thing all day!’, happy Dunya exclaims when she notices how comfortable a Posey straitjacket really is. Well, that might just be the case… hehe.. The people at took some extra time for the photo shoot, making sure the frustration of being restrained eventually caught up […]

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Kali in Juronco straitjacket and Humane restraints

This is a rare Juronco straitjacket Meanwhile, at, Kali is strapped tightly into a very rare Juronco straitjacket. Only 5 of these exist in the world, one of course is sometimes seen holding Dorothy Laine captive. Some Humane restraints are added and a very funny video of Kali trying to get up is the […]

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