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Politieagente Veronica arrested

Nooooooooo! Dutch cop girl Veronica has spotted Wendy involved in some illegal activities. She walks up to Wendy and tells her she is under arrest. But Wendy isn’t going down easily. Wendy is stronger than Veronica and wrestles the handcuffs from Veronica’s hands. She then proceeds to cuff our poor politieagente and runs. Veronica is […]

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Maxine in 3 pairs of LIPS handcuffs

Maxine triple cuffed Sometimes we are almost afraid to let the model out of her handcuffs. Dutch national ladies boxing champion and former kick boxer Maxine is the tallest model ever on at 1.85 meters (6’1″) tall… So it’s probably a good thing she handcuffed with our favorite trusty LIPS handcuffs. Maxine turned out […]

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Politieagente Karima is trapped

Karima is actually a police student. She recently received her uniform and it looks great on her. The uniform came with a pair of hinged handcuffs, but Karima hasn’t studied them very much yet. We are about to change that. More experienced police girls can unlock their handcuffs even if the keyholes are facing the […]

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