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Felicia in Irish 8 leg irons

Booted legs held close together At, Felicia cuffs herself into a pair of Irish 8 leg irons OVER her boots! That’s so elegant and yet solid looking! Great update!

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Neck cuffed in orange

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Shannah can’t move

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Renee in Irish 8 cuffs

New girl Renee came to for some modelling experience. She hadn’t really given the cuffs much thought, focussing entirely on the modelling. So when we snapped the KB-126 shut on her wrists, she was a bit unsure of what to do. About 30 seconds later she was laughing, experimenting, and challenging us. We locked her […]

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Nurse Demi in Irish 8 trouble

Today, at, young nurse Demi is shown a pair of lady size Irish 8 handcuffs. She is intrigued by the snap shut locking mechanism: ‘How does that work?’. The stylish contraption is quickly snapped on her wrists. It is the most perfect fit you have ever seen. Demi doesn’t have a millimeter of space in these cuffs. […]

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