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Sanne struggling in a Posey straitjacket

I… will… get… out… Sanne is a huge hit at Not only did she do a fantastic struggle video, her big brown leather belt has attracted quite some visitors as well! Maybe this calls for a whole new website for belt fetish!

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Sabine in heavy Chinese leg irons

Those are heavy! Sabine is a new model at! She is gorgeous and she gets to try the heavy Chines leg irons over her jeans! She has great locking and posing skills! Check her out!

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Beautiful Anna in heavy Clejuso cuffs

Ankles in Clejuso’s! The beautiful Anna is a professional model. Someone you would never expect to see in Clejuso cuffs. But the folks at somehow got Anna in these very heavy cuffs. Anna is not going anywhere in those high heels and heavy cuffs! 

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Britt in Posey straitjacket

Wild girl Britt is tamed Wild girl Britt in a Posey straitjacket, full picture and video set on!

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