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Ailish in RigidStock TL

Kinky dress! We now have a RigidStock TL! But not all models will pose in it… we put it on Ailish anyway, but that was her own fault. She showed up in a latex dress, that’s asking for it :-) So today we present to you: Ailish in a kinky blue dress and RigidStock TL! […]

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Chantal in waist chain

Chantal is a beautiful model and a very sweet girl. You would never expect she could struggle so hard. When she is handcuffed, she tries and tries to get out of them. She just keeps trying, even if marks appear on her wrists from her futile struggles. Cuffing her in the S&W model 94 handcuffs […]

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Selin in leg irons and heels

Selin in leg irons Turkish fashion model Selin in black dress, classy heels and tight leg irons at!

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