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Shenenne continues her training

Can you stop me from touching you? Our beautiful blond pet slave Shenenne has agreed to take her metal bondage training one step further… again. This time we will make sure she can not move at all. Her harness ball gag is attached to her solid steel waist band. Her collar, wrist cuffs and ankle […]

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Tight straitjackets are fun

Laugh al you want… So much fun! A tight canvas straitjacket holds Sandra’s arms firmly in place. Still, she struggles and pulls without giving up. She is a fighter, and apparently she loves being restricted, because she is smiling and laughing all the way! Will she still be smiling after trying for about 1 hour? […]

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Shenenne helpless in chain bondage

Hmmmmpffff! At, still in her custom made steel collar, waist band, and cuffs, Shenenne is gagged and restrained in a tight chain bondage.    Her wrists are crossed behind her back and padlocked to two special loops on the back of her waist band. Helpless!!!

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