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Bored, watching TV

Now I will try to show you an average night with me being bored, watching TV. I always have handcuffs nearby, so usually I start playing with them, practising my escapes as I watch TV. Watch me escape hinged Hiatss cuffs in front, behind the back and even behind the back with the keyholes facing […]

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Escaping the Hiatts 2050 hinged handcuffs

Tadaaaa, the Hiatts 2050! Today I will show you how I can escape my Hiatts 2050 handcuffs when I accidentally *grin* put them on with the keyholes facing away from my hands. A useful skill, especially when there is no one there to help you. In the video clip, I will also show you how […]

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Shannah’s speedcuff adventures

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