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Model prisoner Brittany

She is a model. And a prisoner. So technically, she is a model prisoner. But model prisoners don’t struggle, and that is exactly what Brittany does… a lot! She is in a waist chain and leg irons, but she thinks she can get out. As she struggles, she accidentally tightens an ankle cuff, causing her […]

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Romy is belted in a RigidStock

Hmmpf… stupid stock… We belted Romy!! And she didn’t like it! She started testing the chastity belt with her bare hands, so we had to keep her hands up and away from it. A RigidStock was an effective solution. Notice how the RigidStock fits Romy perfectly. No extra space at the wrists or neck! And […]

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Faye in red leather armbinder

Shy Faye goes wild in her armbinder Super hot Faye is a little shy, but once she is restrained in a red leather armbinder, she just goes wild to try and escape! She even manages to get her hand all the way out of the top of the armbinder, an amazing contortion feat, but she […]

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