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Giovanna in Humane restraints

Escape challenge Now here’s a Humane restraints escape challenge for Giovanna. Wrists tightly cuffed and strapped to her waist band. Ankles cuffed and strapped to her thighs. No room to move, can’t stand up, all straps locked and she doesn’t even have the key. Impossible, but fun to watch!

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Evita in Humane restraints

Long legs cuffed! Beautiful Evita has her long legs cuffed in Humane restraints. There is a long chain attached, so there is no reason to let her out anytime soon, because she will be able to go about her normal business with these on… it will just rattle a bit…

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Kali in Juronco straitjacket and Humane restraints

This is a rare Juronco straitjacket Meanwhile, at, Kali is strapped tightly into a very rare Juronco straitjacket. Only 5 of these exist in the world, one of course is sometimes seen holding Dorothy Laine captive. Some Humane restraints are added and a very funny video of Kali trying to get up is the […]

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