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Gina ring gagged

Dramatic look Hmm, this is strange… Gina (from brought her own harness ring gag, but it turns out she does not like to be gagged with a ring gag. It makes her drool a lot, she says. Well then, why bring it? It will remain a mystery to us. Let’s just see how far […]

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Pet slave Davon Kim

Davon, a perfect metal slave girl This week’s update shows on-screen applying of Davon Kim’s heavy metal collar and her wrist cuffs. She then padlocks her collar to a very heavy chain connected to the bed and she is tightly gagged with her favorite color gag. One pet slave, ready for your pleasure!

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Gina in triple steel collar

Gina ( writes: Yeaaaaaaaah! Let’s do more forest bondage while the weather is nice! I will show you my latest invention: the triple collar! No, I won’t tell you what it is or how it works, you will have to find out for yourself! But it looks gooooood, a real summer fashion statement!

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