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School girl Taylor in thumbcuffs and shackles

Cute school girl Taylor is always smiling, even when we put her in hinged handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and thumbcuffs! She loved to roll around on our white carpet, playing with the chains and testing her restraints. She was surprised when we gave her the keys to unlock herself, almost as if she did not want […]

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Schoolgirl Sanne’s wrists tightly cuffed

Tight handcuffs! Sanne’s wrists only just fit into the Irish 8 restraints! It’s very hard to move with your wrist so tightly cuffed, so tight that she can’t even move her elbows apart. Sanne looks great in her pink schoolgirl uniform, black heels and darby style leg irons! She has never been cuffed in these […]

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LAPD cop Onyx wrestles and loses

Officer Onyx comes to Kristiana’s house with a warrant for her arrest. Little does she know that Kristiana is a pro wrestler. Kristiana is not going to cooperate and a long power struggle begins. Tall and strong Kristiana eventually overpowers LAPD officer Onyx and manages to lock her into her own handcuffs before grabbing the […]

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