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Carie in chastity belt and giraffe collar

Carie asked if she could come back for a third time. What? A beautiful shy girl reporting for bondage? Well, okay, on one condition, from now on the chastity belt will be a part of the shoots. It turns out, Carie does not like having her private parts locked away, so we kept her hands […]

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Deborah in heavy shackles

This is how all slaves start learning It may all have been a bit much for Deborah. The heavy collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs. The heavy chain, attached to her collar like a leash. The spreader bars between her wrists and ankles. For someone who has never done or seen metal bondage, Deborah did […]

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Rigid spreader bars for Romy

That’s rigid. And spread. We have really unique spreader bars to go with our custom made restraints. What’s so special about them? They are more rigid than normal spreaders, because they can only move in one direction (up and down). And, like our restraints, they don’t require locks. How do they work? You will have […]

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