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Pet slave Shenenne in steel

Pet girl Shenenne in steel Pet slave Shenenne wearing very heavy handmade restraints. There are no locks on her restraints, everything is screwed into place using hex screws. Escape is impossible! Beautiful steel master pieces on her wrists, ankles, waist and her neck. The heavy collar is chained to the radiator.

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Marie-Louise in tight leather pants

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Airforce girl Selin arrested

Airforce girl Selin arrested Cute but dangerous! Airforce girl Selin is arrested and she is going to court. Cuffed in a waist chain, leg irons and two pairs of handcuffs (hinged and chain), she is told to sit down on a chair and wait. But Selin spots something on the floor… it looks like a […]

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Straightjacketed Indy is screaming

Great video of a very vocal Indy Indy is screaming at the camera, she has had enough. Restrained in a very tight straightjacket, she defiantly claims she will get out and even threatens us. Okay, her rants maybe in Dutch, but her anger is universal. This is definitely a video to watch if you like […]

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Demi in darby leg irons

Demi in darby leg irons At, beautiful Demi is cuffed in a pair of darby style leg irons. These ankle cuffs fit her very nice and snug, but they are also very comfortable. ‘I could walk in these for days’, Demi exclaims. Well, we will gladly hide the key and let you prove it!!

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Amy hogcuffed

This is Amy’s second visit to GirlsInCuffs head quarters (in the Netherlands), all the way from the UK. That’s a long way to travel just to be cuffed, so we made sure it was worth it for Amy! We used many cuffs in this update, starting with a sitting position. Neck cuff to ankles (wrapped […]

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Anahí double cuffed

Anahí double cuffed Today, at, Mexican girl Anahí is cuffed using two pairs of Deutsche Polizei handcuffs. First she is cuffed elbow-to-wrist and later her elbows and wrists are cuffed in front! You have got to see this picture set! Anahí is so funny and great to watch. She would win Mexico’s Next Cuff […]

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Prison girl Gemma on display

At, Gemma looks stunning in her orange prison jumpsuit. We have her in a Smith & Wesson’s model 1800 waist chain and Smith & Wesson’s model 1900 ankle cuffs. And then we just watch her. No key. No escape. Just over 100 pictures of prison girl Gemma trying to come to grips with being […]

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Asian Angel and Tess in Posey straightjackets

Asian Angel and Tess in Posey straightjackets Asian Angel and Tess are put in Posey straightjackets over at! They are surprised and not too happy to find out that the jackets are inescapable and very restrictive. Asian Angel is smaller than Tess, so she is restrained in a red collared Posey, while Tess gets to wear […]

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Marieke in leg irons

Marieke in leg irons Cute Marieke is playing with leg irons today at! She cuffs herself and tests the strength of the ankle cuffs. She is not getting out without a key! Wonderful picture set of this new CuffedFeet model!

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Angela in LIPS handcuffs

Give a novice model a pair of handcuffs and tell her to cuff herself. You’d say there is a 50% chance she will put the keyholes on the wrong side. We have found (through extensive research) that the odds are closer to 99%! In this week’s update at, Angela cuffs herself, and then tries […]

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Anne waist chained and shackled

Shackled in the forest Today, at, lovely redhead Anne is walking through a forest in a tight waist chain and legirons. She hides playfully behind trees, not able to move her wrists at all. Let’s hope she doesn’t stumble, that could be very dangerous!

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WPC Elena practising with her friend

Handcuffing has never been WPC Elena’s strongest skill, so she invites her friend Sharon over to practise some standard arresting and handcuffing procedures. Elena forces Sharon to kneel, put her hands behind her head and then takes her time to apply the cuffs. After a while, Sharon has had enough of being arrested and grabs […]

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Faye in red leather armbinder

Shy Faye goes wild in her armbinder Super hot Faye is a little shy, but once she is restrained in a red leather armbinder, she just goes wild to try and escape! She even manages to get her hand all the way out of the top of the armbinder, an amazing contortion feat, but she […]

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Chrissy in toe cuffs

Lovey Chrissy is in toe cuffs today at! She cuffs her big toes are cuffed together and finds out it’s not easy to move around like that! Check it out!

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Greek beauty in Yuil handcuffs

Greek beauty Elli is back at for another cuffing. This time we decided to go with the Yuil brand of cuffs. A member requested a shoot with the elongated speedcuffs M-03 and the Yuil M-05 thumbcuffs, wondering if the model would still be able to be thumbcuffed since the wrists are so far apart […]

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Speedcuffs for Fannie

Cute and fragile Today, features a great spring update with Fannie in speedcuffs. The cuffs are very tight on her wrists, and they should be, because Fannie is so slender she would slip out if the cuffs weren’t tight enough. The picture set shows Fannie cuffed in the park, handcuffed to an arch, cuffed in […]

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Nurse Demi in Irish 8 trouble

Today, at, young nurse Demi is shown a pair of lady size Irish 8 handcuffs. She is intrigued by the snap shut locking mechanism: ‘How does that work?’. The stylish contraption is quickly snapped on her wrists. It is the most perfect fit you have ever seen. Demi doesn’t have a millimeter of space in these cuffs. […]

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Boxing champ Maxine powerless

Another new girl is committed to the Asylum. Maxine, a tall pro boxer tries to escape a medium sized Posey straightjacket! She’s strong, but not strong enough. Check out the picture set and video clip at!

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Ballet dancer in heavy shackles

New shackles today at!! Ballet dancer Lilly is seen in the CF110 update wearing heavy custom made leg shackles connected by a chain and padlocks! Very nice update, that should make ballet dancing a little more difficult for poor Lilly!!

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