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Schoolgirl Sanne’s wrists tightly cuffed

Tight handcuffs! Sanne’s wrists only just fit into the Irish 8 restraints! It’s very hard to move with your wrist so tightly cuffed, so tight that she can’t even move her elbows apart. Sanne looks great in her pink schoolgirl uniform, black heels and darby style leg irons! She has never been cuffed in these […]

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Maria in Rapidcuff and leg irons

Maria in Rapidcuff and leg irons When we asked German model Maria if she would like to appear on our website again, she was glad to hear that people liked her first shoot. But she also demanded a ‘nicer’ shoot than last time, referring to all the weight we put on her wrists in GIC184. […]

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Jinny loves cuffs

Amish? We’re not allowed to tell you. New models keep surprising us. Jinny is a girl you would never expect to see in cuffs, and you probably will not believe that she likes being cuffed! We started off carefully, a pair of hinged AHC N-500 on her wrists and (for fun) a pair of N-200 […]

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Perfect restraints for navy girl Kimmo

We found First Lieutenant Kimmo on a military forum. She was really interested in our casting call for navy officers, although she wondered about the addition of cuffs. We told her we wanted to do a ‘navy girl on trial’ shoot. Kimmo is restrained in a waist chain, two pairs of handcuffs (the outer one […]

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Airforce girl Selin arrested

Airforce girl Selin arrested Cute but dangerous! Airforce girl Selin is arrested and she is going to court. Cuffed in a waist chain, leg irons and two pairs of handcuffs (hinged and chain), she is told to sit down on a chair and wait. But Selin spots something on the floor… it looks like a […]

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