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Introducing pet slave Janna

Sheer pale drooling beauty This week’s model is very promising! She loves tight bondage and gags, and she is not afraid to try anything. Standing in ballet boots while having your arms pulled back by heavy upper arm restraints and wrist cuffs can be dangerous if you lose your balance. But Janna can do it, […]

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Indy gets frustrated

Indy is a busy girl! Apparently there is something very annoying about being chained to the ceiling in ballet boots while ballgagged :-) But the most frustrating thing has to be that wrist spreader with a fixed welded bar! Indy does not seem to like it, as she moans and growls to the camera. We […]

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Milena and the nipple clamps

Milena looks good in ballet boots, locked collar and chain breast bondage on She is told to apply nipple clamps to herself. Her wrists are locked to the chains behind her back, but still she is able to get the clamps off. Next time we will have to be more rigid!

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Pet slave Faye in steel

Ballet boots and steel bondage! Pet slave Faye is locked into our inescapable heavy steel slave restraints. She is also wearing her ballet boots, but she is disobedient and she soon takes them off. Happy with this small success, Faye then tests all of her heavy restraints… haha, so nice to see her try!

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