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Janna nipple clamped

They hurt!! Something about Janna Grace makes us want to gag her really tight. First of all, Janna loves when she starts drooling (she really does!), plus it gives her a really angry expression. A nice comfortable RigidStock ensures Janna will not attack anyone. And to make her even more angry, nipple clamps were added, […]

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Nipple clamps for Natalie

 Super pet slave Natalie is told to clamp her own nipples. She is then elbow cuffed and handcuffed with 3 pairs of handcuffs. A very heavy chain leash makes Natalie pay attention to our camera. But Natalie is a feisty slave girl, she almost escapes, believe it or not!

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Milena and the nipple clamps

Milena looks good in ballet boots, locked collar and chain breast bondage on She is told to apply nipple clamps to herself. Her wrists are locked to the chains behind her back, but still she is able to get the clamps off. Next time we will have to be more rigid!

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