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WPC Marieke versus the chair

Now this is awkward… ‘I have two pairs of Speedcuffs!’, Marieke tells us excitedly. Well, she shouldn’t have said that… We have one chair, but it proves to be a worthy opponent for copgirl Marieke. She struggles to move her wrists up and down the chair’s back, but her fingers can’t reach the keyholes. Marieke […]

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Poliskvinnan Natalie takes the challenge

Poliskvinnan Natalie So far, none of our Swedish policewomen have escaped their own handcuffs when the keyholes face the wrong way. Natalie is a lot more experienced. She says she can do it, no problem. Confidently, she tightly cuffs her gloved hands and high heeled legs. She even threatens the photographer with her white police […]

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Jinny loves cuffs

Amish? We’re not allowed to tell you. New models keep surprising us. Jinny is a girl you would never expect to see in cuffs, and you probably will not believe that she likes being cuffed! We started off carefully, a pair of hinged AHC N-500 on her wrists and (for fun) a pair of N-200 […]

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Blouse and scarf bondage

Bound by Bhowani Blouse and scarf bondage from Bound by Bhowani, click here for some great sample pictures! Smooth satin and silk fabrics on rope tied girls!

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