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Rigid spreader bars for Romy

That’s rigid. And spread. We have really unique spreader bars to go with our custom made restraints. What’s so special about them? They are more rigid than normal spreaders, because they can only move in one direction (up and down). And, like our restraints, they don’t require locks. How do they work? You will have […]

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Gina ring gagged

Dramatic look Hmm, this is strange… Gina (from brought her own harness ring gag, but it turns out she does not like to be gagged with a ring gag. It makes her drool a lot, she says. Well then, why bring it? It will remain a mystery to us. Let’s just see how far […]

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Shenenne in RigidFiddle model ‘oo’

A few hours in this thing?? Sometimes, metal bondage can be so simple. The RigidFiddle model ‘oo’ is a brilliant piece of engineering. To be stuck in one doesn´t seem to be very harsh, but as Shenenne finds out: it is very frustrating to be locked in this device for a couple of hours! Especially […]

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Exclusive MSP set for

Ashley meets pillory Metal bondage veteran producer MSP sent us an exclusive update for our website. He built a locking steel pillory and poor Ashley gets to try it out. The snap shut locking mechanism and the strategic placement of leg irons make this a very uncomfortable position for Ashley!

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Pet slave Davon Kim

Davon, a perfect metal slave girl This week’s update shows on-screen applying of Davon Kim’s heavy metal collar and her wrist cuffs. She then padlocks her collar to a very heavy chain connected to the bed and she is tightly gagged with her favorite color gag. One pet slave, ready for your pleasure!

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