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Tiffany and Vera fiddled and gagged

Good slave girls Tiffany and Vera are always very close, in fact these girlfriends are so close we can not even find separate pictures of them for our models page. So we tried a little experiment: what if we fiddle and gag both girls… will they help each other, will they stay close, comforting each […]

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Casting new pet slave Jenny

New MB slave Jenny says hi 2010 will bring lots of new models to, we are sure of that! But many girls are a little afraid of posing topless in metal bondage gear. So we usually take it easy the first time. Jenny had never done any bondage or seen anything like a RigidFiddle […]

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Christina’s first challenge

A chastity belt and rigidfiddle! Meanwhile, we have fitted our gorgeous pale skinned pet slave Christina with a chastity belt. She looks stunning! Let’s give her a little assignment, like escaping from a RigidFiddle model ‘oo’. Amazingly, Christina takes this challenge very serious, she keeps trying and trying. She is beautiful to watch, gracefully and […]

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Gina fiddled in the forest

Romantic lighting and trusty fiddle People seem to like having me locked into my small custom made fiddle. I hate AND love the fiddle, does that make sense? I guess not. Anyway, I went to the forest to do a fiddle tribute update, with romantic lighting and a video for all those who love to […]

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Shenenne in RigidFiddle model ‘oo’

A few hours in this thing?? Sometimes, metal bondage can be so simple. The RigidFiddle model ‘oo’ is a brilliant piece of engineering. To be stuck in one doesn´t seem to be very harsh, but as Shenenne finds out: it is very frustrating to be locked in this device for a couple of hours! Especially […]

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Amy in RigidFiddle

Grrrr… I seem to be stuck! It’s been a while seen we fiddled a girl. British model Amy seemed like the right girl to fulfill this ever popular request. ‘It seems like I’m stuck’, Amy said after about 10 minutes of futile struggling. Well, that’s kind of the purpose of this website, isn’t it? We […]

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