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Milena Sixxx in metal posture collar

Now that’s a wide metal collar Milena is handcuffed to a long heavy metal spreader bar that runs through her metal posture collar ring. She is given the key, but the struggle is useless, Milena remains tightly gagged and helpless. She can’t defend herself should people be tempted by her nice topless appearance! is now open for members! […]

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Carly teasing Lex and Kim in metal stocks

Carly teasing Lex and Kim in metal stocks At, Carly has managed to lock Lex and Kim in metal RigidStocks.  The topless girls seem to have loads of fun playing and teasing. The picture set shows Lex and Kim locked in very heavy RigidStocks. In the video, Carly takes advantage of the situation by playing with Kim, gagging and […]

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