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RigidStock struggle

Get me out of here! Faye wanted to try our RigidStock, and somehow we couldn’t refuse her request. Maybe she didn’t anticipate the gag, but as we gagged her only after she was in the stock, there was nothing she could do to stop the gagging. Well, except for making an obscene gesture :-) Up […]

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Indy in RigidStock

Topless and gagged in a RigidStock A RigidStock should be in any metal bondage website’s arsenal. And new girl Indy is the first to experience what it’s like to be locked into one. There is really not much she can do, but she tries, moans, struggles and never gives up! That’s what we like to […]

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Carly teasing Lex and Kim in metal stocks

Carly teasing Lex and Kim in metal stocks At, Carly has managed to lock Lex and Kim in metal RigidStocks.  The topless girls seem to have loads of fun playing and teasing. The picture set shows Lex and Kim locked in very heavy RigidStocks. In the video, Carly takes advantage of the situation by playing with Kim, gagging and […]

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