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Neck cuffed in orange

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Sammie and Floor in LOTS of cuffs!

Where do we start? It’s the experiment again! This time we invited the insane duo Sammie and Floor. It goes like this: the girls are given a large variety of cuffs (handcuffs, thumbcuffs, neck cuffs, ankle cuffs, chains, and padlocks). And then we basically tell them to apply of those cuffs to themselves and […]

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The Twins in neck cuffs

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Maaike in waist chain and neck cuff

Maaike in neck cuff Brown eyes, blonde hair, sweet smile, long legs… Yes, she is back! Maaike returns to to fulfill a member’s request: ‘I think Maaike would look super hot in a neck cuff…’ Hmm, let’s see. It turns out this member was right! The cuff looks like it’s made for her. A […]

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Amy hogcuffed

This is Amy’s second visit to GirlsInCuffs head quarters (in the Netherlands), all the way from the UK. That’s a long way to travel just to be cuffed, so we made sure it was worth it for Amy! We used many cuffs in this update, starting with a sitting position. Neck cuff to ankles (wrapped […]

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Reverse prayer to neck cuff

Michèlle in an amazing neck cuff reverse prayer Michèlle returns to to show us why she is a martial arts world champion. She has perfect balance, and she is incredibly limber, so we can go crazy on the handcuff positions! A reverse prayer attached to the L-600 cuffs around her neck, a wrist-to-neck ball […]

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