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The card game

My friend Leley came over and – as usual – I tried to challenge her to some handcuff escapes. Don’t worry, she’s used to my obsessions ;) Instead, she proposed to play a card game, the winner could use cuffs on the loser any way she liked. And believe it or not, I’m usually very […]

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Army girl Natalie asks a stupid question

‘What’s hogcuffing?’, she asked… Natalie is playing around with a pair of hinged handcuffs and some heavy chain leg irons. She cuffs herself and poses for some great pictures, until she runs out of ideas. We tell her about a very nice procedure called hogcuffing. ‘What’s hogcuffing?’, Natalie asks. Well, that was a stupid question […]

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New positions for prison girl Annika

Annika in full prisoner chains Prison girl Annika is used to walking around shackled and handcuffed. Even so, she’s very surprised to learn that there’s more than one way to cuff a prisoner. We show her a sitting position, cuff her wrists behind her back, and we even show her a hogcuff. You can see […]

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Amy hogcuffed

This is Amy’s second visit to GirlsInCuffs head quarters (in the Netherlands), all the way from the UK. That’s a long way to travel just to be cuffed, so we made sure it was worth it for Amy! We used many cuffs in this update, starting with a sitting position. Neck cuff to ankles (wrapped […]

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