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Vanessa versus the chastity belt

Stupid thing!! Another new girl at! We convinced first timer Vanessa to be locked into a chastity belt. Just a belt, nothing more, like a few of our members have requested. It’s great to watch Vanessa as she realises what a chastity belt is for… and that there’s no way to get it off. […]

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RigidStock struggle

Get me out of here! Faye wanted to try our RigidStock, and somehow we couldn’t refuse her request. Maybe she didn’t anticipate the gag, but as we gagged her only after she was in the stock, there was nothing she could do to stop the gagging. Well, except for making an obscene gesture :-) Up […]

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Shenenne continues her training

Can you stop me from touching you? Our beautiful blond pet slave Shenenne has agreed to take her metal bondage training one step further… again. This time we will make sure she can not move at all. Her harness ball gag is attached to her solid steel waist band. Her collar, wrist cuffs and ankle […]

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Power slave Natalie in chastity belt

Power! Submission! Chastity! Until now, Natalie seems to have avoided our chastity belts in every update. So it’s time to put this super slave in a very tight belt! We add a heavy collar and close fitting wrist cuffs – which we padlock to the chastity belt. Natalie looks powerful (with those silver boots) and […]

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Christina’s first challenge

A chastity belt and rigidfiddle! Meanwhile, we have fitted our gorgeous pale skinned pet slave Christina with a chastity belt. She looks stunning! Let’s give her a little assignment, like escaping from a RigidFiddle model ‘oo’. Amazingly, Christina takes this challenge very serious, she keeps trying and trying. She is beautiful to watch, gracefully and […]

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More metal than girl

Heavy stuff! Poor Faye, her beautiful shiny restraints have been attached to a rather crude construction of steel pipes! The combined weight is almost more than Faye’s own weight and she struggles to even lift her contraption. Getting comfortable is impossible, even lying down! This is metal bondage! Frustating heavy steel bondage on beautiful girls! […]

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