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Check out, it is completely revised, revamped, and relaunched! Easier to find your favorite girls and cuffs. All sets are available to members, no more rotating archives!

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Daniela & Desi in darby style cuffs

Time for a darby style update! Daniela and Desi were happy to come over and try on our darby cuff collection. We have a nice mix of Hiatt, Clejuso, and KUB. These old style cuffs are slow to put on and take off, since they require a key that has to be screwed all the […]

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Alecia in elbow traps and wrist cage

Alecia is back at! She’s more stunning than ever, so we just had to do something special this week. Alecia thought so too, by the way. We locked her into the wrist cage for some really elegant shots. Although inescapable, Alecia was not impressed yet. That quickly changed when we showed her our  new […]

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Cathy in juvenile handcuffs

There’s one pair of cuffs in our collection that matches the goal of best: the American Handcuff Company JN-105 ‘juvenile handcuffs’. As Yossie mentions: ‘Intended for use on children and teenagers. The cuff body is a standard one while the bow is far thicker to leave less opening for smaller wrists.’ Our models are not children, but […]

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Renee in Irish 8 cuffs

New girl Renee came to for some modelling experience. She hadn’t really given the cuffs much thought, focussing entirely on the modelling. So when we snapped the KB-126 shut on her wrists, she was a bit unsure of what to do. About 30 seconds later she was laughing, experimenting, and challenging us. We locked her […]

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Amy hogcuffed

This is Amy’s second visit to GirlsInCuffs head quarters (in the Netherlands), all the way from the UK. That’s a long way to travel just to be cuffed, so we made sure it was worth it for Amy! We used many cuffs in this update, starting with a sitting position. Neck cuff to ankles (wrapped […]

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